Tor Store Mardi Gras Beads: Restored and Resold


Rilee Whinery, Journalist

The Ball High Tor Store, in conjunction with Yago’s on the Strand, reworks Mardi Gras beads and resales them. “We sort and clean the beads, and then resale them during Mardi Gras. The profits go to the Tor Store projects and the entrepreneurial enterprises,” according to Darren Murin (check spelling), the Tor Store honcho.

The Tor Store practices community outreach with its partners at the Farmer’s Market near 25th and Strand. “A lot of people come to us and bring us their beads,” Murren added. “We also do an elementary school bead drive. We receive lots of beads from the school children.”

On March 4th, the Tor Store will sponsor a 5K run along the seawall and a 1K run around Menard Park under the theme Everybody’s Essential. They will man a Fitness Booth, 0provide face painting by Ball High art students and five elementary school bands will provide music for the festivities. Also, Ball High teacher Kevin Anthony will play a variety of instruments for the crowd.