Cheerleaders Compete in UIL Spirit Competition

Cooper Berry, Reporter

The varsity cheerleaders traveled to Ft. Worth on Jan. 21 to participate in the prestigious UIL Spirit Contest. The team, under the leadership of Aja Cormier, enjoyed competing and collaborating with their peers from other schools in the Cowtown setting.

“During our trip we had a great time,” Cormier said. “We competed on Friday, and we got to see a bunch of other teams perform for the UIL Spirit Competition. We were the second to last team to perform, so we got to see a lot of great teams ahead of us.”

Many parents attended the contest to watch their children compete. “The parents support their children and are a terrific asset to the team.,” Cormier said. “We all stayed at the Ft. Worth State Hotel, and we had a lot of interaction with the parents when we weren’t competing.”

The parents, members of the Cheerleading Booster Club, paid for the entire trip to the spirit competition. “The parents are super supportive of the team. They paid all our expenses and provided emotional support for the team. I’m very proud of our team and what they’ve accomplished this year.”