Smaller Than Life


Cooper Berry, Reporter

This January, I decided to go on the search for a new pet, a giant African millipede. Her name is Jane, she is eight inches long, and has a bit too many legs to count. She usually eats dead leaves and wood, but banana jelly and cucumber are fun snacks. The reason I know she’s a female is because she lacks the smaller legs on her seventh segment, and that distinguishes her as a female.

Since import of the giant African millipede from other countries to the U.S. is illegal, it can be tough to acquire one, with prices reaching upwards of $200. It took me many days to find, but eventually I found a reliable online shop based in San Antonio. The original price was $130 but increased by $50 for overnight shipping.

I was nervous the whole time waiting for her to arrive, but eventually, she was ready for pick-up at Dollar General. Never having a pet like this before, I was horrifically anxious for the first week, worrying about humidity, soil depth, if she was eating, and a hundred other things.

However, I got over it eventually, knowing that I did as much research as I could, and she’s been thriving.