Everything is Bigger in Texas


Taylor Albert, Reporter

Houston, Texas is in the process of producing the nation’s first multi-story house made from 3D printed concrete and wood framing using the COBOD BOD2 gantry printer. Designers are describing this project as a “series of printed cores that contain functional spaces and stairs.” This house will be 4,000 square feet and two stories high, being called the House of Cores due to the way the house is going to be built. Design firm Hannah is pairing with two construction companies: PERI 3D Construction who built a 3D home in Germany, and CIVE, which will be dealing with the structural engineering part of the project.

A private citizen commissioned this house to be built, so prices are unknown on the house. Although, since it is not as labor intensive as building a house by hand, the expenses are less than a normal house. The house is said to be less expensive, more sustainable, scalable, and more efficient according to Houstonia, 2023.

Technological advancements such as 3D printing houses could help with the labor shortage and is more durable during a natural disaster. The building of these houses exceptionally reduces transport costs of materials, reduces construction waste and water usage. The carbon footprint of building houses can be cut down drastically with the invention of 3D printed houses.