Who I Am


Maria Flores

I am Thanksgiving.

Not in the sense that you are thinking of though.

I am not ham, nor am I turkey.

I am not the pilgrims or going to grandmother’s house.

I am Thanksgiving in the sense of it being a holiday.


A holiday trapped in between Halloween and Christmas.

It is the holiday people overlook

Nobody’s favorite.

I mean why would it be, when there is such a cool holiday as Halloween.

With candy galore, parties, and getting to dress up in whatever costume pleases one.

Thus there is everyone’s favorite Christmas.

The cookies and milk, setting up the Christmas tree, listening to carolers, ice skating.

Why wouldn’t it be a favorite?

With all the cheerfulness and festivities that come from it.

Then there is Thanksgiving.


Thanksgiving is a blur,

A passed up holiday.

Only there to track time between Halloween and Christmas.

When asked out of three which holiday is peoples’ favorite,

Thanksgiving always comes in third.

I feel this way about myself.


I am not as jolly as Christmas

I am not as exciting as Halloween

I am a nobody

I am not the favorte

I am the Natives, being backstabbed by the people they thought they could trust

I am overlooked

I am unchosen

I am brown and dull

I am a placeholder

I am Thanksgiving.