‘Deer’ Mom is Cooking!

Rilee Whinery, Reporter

Hunting has been a way of survival for millions of years. Throw together a passion for hunting game and a love for cooking, and you have the Bowles family. After six years of hunting wild Boar, the son of Ball High School English teacher Tammy Bowles went deer hunting.

Tracked on foot, not shot from a perched location in the comfort of a deer stand, Marc Bowles shot his first deer with a Henry Lever Action 30.30, a low-capacity rifle that shoots only five rounds of ammo. The Buck died instantly with one clean shot.

Marc had been successfully solely hunting wild Boar for many years, which his mother and his maternal Italian-born grandmother happily prepared in countless Italian Pasta ala Bolognese sauces. With great pride on February 23rd, his mother, teacher Tammy Bowles, prepared a Deer-based Texas Chili for the annual chili cook-off at Ball High School.

In the December before Christmas break 2022, Mare and his step-grandfather, a local veterinarian, traveled to the Ho Ranch, a 368,000-acre ranch located in Kyle, TX. While teacher and mother, Tammy Bowles, has “absolutely no desire to hunt.” She does find great peace in communing with nature and watching her family enjoy themselves in Texas’ beautiful Hill Country.

Ho Ranch is primarily a cattle ranch with a section closed off for hunting. Through the years, the ranch has been a favorite of Texas veterinarians for hunting wild game in an ecological and ethical manner. Marc’s step-grandfather continues to lease land from the owner in order to hunt there. According to recent reports by Texas Parks and Wildlife https://tpwd.texas.gov/ , there is an overpopulation of White Tail Deer in the Texas Hill Country. Overpopulation often leads to deer starvation.

“Sadly, people are going hungry in our state,” Ms. Bowles said; she believes hunting for pure sport is wrong. “White Tail Deer is a lean source of animal protein. If you’re not going to use the game to prepare meals, hunting is wrong. Yep, that’s how we roll in the Bowles family,” Ms. Bowles said.

It is vital to abide by all hunting and wildlife laws. “I value and honor the Texas Game Wardens who have the awesome dangerous task of enforcing hunting and wildlife regulations in our beautiful state. When done correctly, hunting wild game is both ethical and ecological.” Marc said.