A Warning from the Past to Future Generations

Ernesto Hernandez, Reporter

The horrors of World War II are a constant reminder of how cruel humans can be if left to run around and cause destruction. Thanks to Mr. Kelso the students in Galveston history got access to the Holocaust Museum in Houston TX to learn more about the Holocaust from local Holocaust survivors.

On March 3, 2023, students in Galveston history arrived at the Holocaust Museum, and after passing past security the students where guided to a theater. This theater showed a documentary about survivors telling their experiences and people they lost during the Holocaust. After the students were separated into groups the students would get a small radio with headphones to listen to their tour guide. After another short documentary, the students will be guided to an exhibit room filled with information on what Jews could wear and not wear, and there was also a wall full of laws that only Jews must follow. The exhibit also had a real train cart that was used to transport Jews in large groups to concentration camps, and alongside the train cart they also have a boat that was used for people that wanted to help Jews escape from going to concentration camps. At the end of the tour the students are taken to a wall with many designs on them from Jewish people.

Thanks to the Holocaust Museum many people of many ages can learn about the horrors of World War II and how Jews learned to survive and improve their lives after the events of the Holocaust, and thanks to the museum more horrors can be avoided in the future.