Gifted Non-Conformist Rebels – Unique Senior Artists

Bre’Asia Evans and Bowie Welder


Gifted non-conformist students are characterized by intense feelings and actions, strong curiosity, and a desire to experiment and put things together in unusual ways. Bre’Asia Evans and Bowie Welder are two seniors who epitomize this profile. They are in both Mrs. Moore’s Ceramics and Ms. Lepo’s AP Art Studios.



Bowie is a perfectionist. His creations show incredible attention to detail and limitless imagination. He is a master of the outrageous! Bowie is currently in the cosmetology program and intends to pursue it as a vocation. He enjoys the creativity of cosmetology and helping people look and feel beautiful. Bowie will go to Galveston College next year, but painting and ceramics will always be a part of his life goal.



Bre’Asia has gathered honors for her unusual depictions of characters and celebrities. Bre’Asia plans to pursue nursing as a career, but her design prowess and her love of painting will always be her way of escaping and self-soothing. Bre’Asia sees herself as a city dweller with a penthouse view!