Finland Against Propaganda

Taylor Albert, Reporter

Finland is taking the fake news in society into their own hands and controlling it before it escalates. Different learning programs are being presented in schools, libraries, government departments, universities, and more. “Safer Internet Day” celebrated in February 2022, had over 50 groups participating in this recent event. Finland has been rated Europe’s most resistant nation to fake news from the media. The classes were introduced to the learning curriculum in 2016 to be taught in a state college to decipher between fake and real news in all sorts of subjects provided by the school. The effort of Finland against propaganda has had great results in teaching students and the community to resist fake news.

From one nation to the next, propaganda should be taught to be looked past in all social places, such as schools and libraries. If classes for this type of media were taught in schools, many people would know about the fake word of mouth and know how to respond to it instead of believing it and spreading more rumors. When more fake news is being believed and spread around, it could have some detrimental effects, such as a fake war, or political lies.