KTOR Rules the Airwaves

Ernesto Hernandez, Reporter

The news is a major source of information that many people use daily to learn more about the world. Even schools have news programs to inform people about what is going on, and thanks to Mr. Michael Dudas, students at Ball High School have many sources to choose from for news online.

“This is my 19th year here at Ball so the first couple of years we got really strong in video and then we got this opportunity to do live streaming and online radio station, so it was kind of just a natural progression to start something new to the program.” Mr. Dudas

Mr. Dudas’ class has a total of five streaming stations that can be found on live365.com: KTOR the Tornado and KTOR 2, KTOR 3, KTOR 4, and KTOR 5. One of the stations consists of podcasts featuring discussions and old-time radio conversations, while another station has music plays music from the 50’s and 60’s.

A small group of five students work alongside Dudas to manage the podcasts that the students spend from 30 – 60 minutes recording, interviewing people and editing the videos.

Not only do the students record the videos, but they also broadcast baseball games live on radio with commentary and play by play for the parents and friends who were not able to watch the game. Alongside these podcasts the class also has their YouTube series Good Morning Ball High releasing videos daily informing the students of daily events and events from the world.

“Where just proud to offer this opportunity to students here at ball high,” Dudas said.