Teyo Gutierrez

Lorie Machado, Reporter

Teyo Gutierrez has a dream: he wants to compose a piano concerto and have it performed by the Galveston Symphony or the Ball High band. Gutierrez began composing music after listening to classical music on his own.  He dreamed of creating music of his own that represented him. “I’ve been writing music for two years, and already I’ve written two concertos, two waltzes, a ballad and one suite with six movements and I am starting to write a symphony.

I have the first movement completed and am working on the second while this magazine is be3ing printed. “I was in fifth grade when I played saxophone for the Central Middle School band, then only a year later in sixth grade, I started taking piano lessons while my brother played his baseball games in Pearland. I was practicing at Pearland music academy. I would love to thank Janelle Hector, she is my piano instructor and has been teaching me for three years. I would also like to thank my middle school band director Ms. Swan for allowing me the use of her piano.

One of my favorite pieces is Beethoven’s 7th Symphony on the second movement. Today, Gutierrez works on composing his first piano concerto and he hopes the Galveston Symphony or by the Ball High band will perform his piece when he completes his composition. Meanwhile, Teyo is practicing for the UIL Texas Solo and Ensemble competition where he will be performing Chopin Ballad No.1. Gutierrez dreams of the day when someone will notice his ability as a classical pianist and composer and offer him a job that he can turn into a career. “My accomplishments will only grow as I chase my dream.