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May 15, 2024

BATB Final Standings


EK Battle of the Berrics is a skateboarding competition hosted at the Berrics headquarters in Las Angeles, California. It is a horse-style competition, in which skaters will set a trick, and their opponent will try it and if they miss, they get a letter. Instead of spelling out H.O.R.S.E., they spell out S.K.A.T.E.

The first round of finals night was between Nick Holt and Chris Cole. Nick started off his turn with a Switch Heel and Chris landed defensively. Nick then sets a hardflip that Chris misses giving him the letter S. Nick then misses his set passing over the set to Chris. Chris sets a beautifully rotated Backside 360, however, Nick does a backside 180 with a pivot to normal at the end, this was called a backside 360. This is a problem because it directly contradicts the rules of BATB, “If your opponent pops his trick, you too must pop yours”.

Cole missed his next set passing it back to Nick. Nick did a Switch Tre Flip that Chris missed giving him a K. Nick then missed his set, passing it back over to Cole. Another problem popped up when Cole set an excellent backside heelflip; Nick did a heelflip with a 90-degree rotation pivot back to normal and then reverted to fakie, Berra (the judge) once again called this good. Cole missed his next trick. All in one turn Nick set a Fakie Hardflip, Ghetto Bird (Hardflip late backside 180), and a Nollie Big Inward Heel, Cole missed all of these giving him his final letter.

The second round of the night consisted of Tyler Peterson and Jamie Griffin; this is big because they were the two finalists from last year and whoever wins is pretty much guaranteed to win the final round. Tyler started off with a Nollie Frontside Flip, which Jamie lands. Tyler then set a pressure flip body varial (body does a 180 turn) which gives Jamie an S. Tyler then set a Nollie Double Heelflip giving Jamie his K. A problem occurred in the judging department when Tyler set a Switch Treflip Revert but landed halfway with no speed. There was a debate, however, the judge called it good, and Jamie earned a letter.

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Tyler then missed his next trick, giving the set over to Jamie. Two problems occurred in Jamie’s first turn, he first set a fully rotated Frontside Bigspin, but Tyler did a Front Shuv 180 pivot to fakie. This once again went against the “If you pop your trick…” rule. Then, Jamie set a wrapped Impossible, while Tyler did a 3 Shuv with his toe on it a “Guided 3 Shuv” if you will.This violates the rule “If your opponent wraps their impossible, you too must wrap your impossible”. However, in Jamie’s next turn, he made an incredible comeback landing a Bigger Spin, Big Heel, Switch Frontside Flip, Varial Double Heel, and Mike-Mo Flip, giving Tyler all his letters in one turn.

This sent Jamie to the Grand Finally. The Grand Final was an absolute Blow Out. Nick Holt set a switch heel that Jamie landed. Nick then missed his next set. Jamie in one turn set A Frontside Bigspin, An Impossible, a 3 Shuv, Mike-Mo Flip, and a Hard Double Flip, this gave Nick all of S.K.A.T.E. in one turn giving Jamie Griffin his second victory at Battle of The Berrics.

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